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Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort is located in Yabuli Town, Shangzhi city, the northeastern of Heilongjiang province. It is 197 kilometers southeast from Harbin, approximately 2.5hrs by train, and about 100 kilometers from Mudanjiang city.

The Yabuli Resort sits in the eastern of the global largest Eurasia continent and faces the Pacific Ocean on the east with high latitude. Influenced by distinctive middle temperate zone of continental monsoon climate, it has extremely lowest temperature of -44℃,  average 2-10℃ yearly; The mountain resort is covered by snow for 170 days (November-April) every year. The depth of snow is 30-50 mm all around and even reaches up to 1 meter on the mountain. Nearly 120 days from the middle of November to late in March, the snow is the best for skiing.  

With an elevation from base 397 m to top 1345 m, the resort situates on a high mountain covered by dense forest, 137.4 m abover sea level. with average temperature of 18℃ and rainfall of 650 mm, the plants are growing very thrivingly there during June, July and August. Hence the resort gets its name Yabuli from Russian with meaning of "fruit tree farm". In the Qing Dynasty, Yabuli Resort was used to be forbidden hunting area for Manchu imperal family members.   

Led by Heilongjiang provincail Physical Culture and Sports Commission, Yabuli Ski Resort was built as training center by in 1980. Now as China's largest ski resort with the biggest ski jumping facilities, the resort consists of Yabuli Windmill Mountain Resort, National Physical Culture & Sports Commission, Traffic Mountain Resort, Daqingshan Skifield, Communication Mountain Resort, Electric Power Mountain Resort, Yunding Mountain Resort, Yawangsi Skifield, Haohanbo Skifield, Farmer Courtyard and more. It is divided into two parts: International Competitive Alpine Ski Zone and Tourism Ski Zone.

Yabuli International Competitive Alpine Ski Zone
With world-class skiing facilities, Yabuli Competitive Alpine Ski Zone serves as a world-class skiing training venue in high mountains of good snow and has hosted a list of international sport events such as the 1996 Winter Asian Games, the 2008 National Winter Games and the 2009 Winter Universiade and more.

Especially 2009 Winter Universiade in February, Yabuli Ski Resort hosted the Alpine, Nordic, and Freestyle Skiing events of the 2009 Winter Universiade. Student athletes from 44 countries competed in the games. The ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating and curling events were held in the city of Harbin, while the snowboarding events and biathlon were held in Mao'ershan Ski Resort. Yabuli Ski Resort received substantial infrastructure upgrades prior to the games, including a 4-seater Doppelmayr chairlift, along with a 6 seater gondola, a modern ski hire and hotel near the base of the resort.

Windmill Mountain Resort Tourism Ski Zone
Harbin Yabuli Windmill Mountain Resort functions as a top winter relax center for tourist with a list of resort hotels, villas, skiing training schools, ski equipment rental shops, souvenir stores and snack bars. There the architecture of villa groups looks like a big windmill museum  displaying all kinds of classical wooden windmills from all countries since 14th century.   

Now the tourism zone has 15 runs, total length of 30 kilometers and three two-person chair lifts. Tourists can go on Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, skeleton sledding, snowmobiling, snowboarding, horse & dog sledding, lake skating, snowmen making, snowland fireworks display and bonfire night party. Moreover, there are special zone for kids playing.