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Beijing Winter Tours

Winter is a tourist off-season for Beijing (November to March), with the weather are cold and snowy. The monthly average temperature is below 0C (32F) from December to February which would be a shock for visitors from tropical countries.

Travel to Beijing in winter means less Tourist Crowds, Lower Costs, the Crisp and Clear Weather, the interesting snow activities like skiing & hot springs! The great attractions to see in winter are Great wall, Forbidden City, temple of heaven, hutongs, summer palace and some ski resorts like Nanshan skit resorts, Yuyang International Ski Resort and so on.

And there are many fantastic folk activities held in Beijing during winter season and the most remarkable ones are the temple fairs during Chinese Spring Festival. The dragon dance, lion dance, acrobatics and martial arts performance will be available; besides this, there are interesting craft works or snacks could be found on temple fairs.

  • 3-day Beijing Kung Fu Hutong Winter Tour

    3-day Beijing Kung Fu Hutong Winter Tour

    3-day Beijing winter tour to view the snow-covered Great wall, Forbidden city, summer palace and dwelling of Peckers - Hutong & countyard.
  • 4-day Beijing Great Wall Ski Winter Tour

    4-day Beijing Great Wall Ski Winter Tour

    This Beijing winter tour package offers you a special winter experience in Beijing, the capital city of China and one of the top 5 ancient cities in the world. You can explore all the historical landmarks (most are world heritage sites) at your own pace and enjoy different style Chinese.