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Yunnan Winter Tours

General speaking, the winter in Yunnan is mild. The daily temperature change frequently in mountainous area but it is warm in tropical area like Xishuangbanna.

A winter travel to Yunnan could be interesting, and the famous tourist attractions are Yuanyang rice terraces, lijiang ancient town, Shangri-la, tiger leaping gorges, stone forests and so on. The varied landscape and fantastic minority lifestyle never fails to allure travelers.

If you would like to Skiing, the Lijiang and Shangri-La in the northwest of the province are the two major destinations for skiing in winter. The Lijiang ski field is located on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain range, at the foot of Shanzidou Peak. The Shangri-la ski park is located near Hala Tibetan Village of Nixi Town (18 km north from Shangri-La county seat), which is the China’s largest alpine ski-field that stays closest to SE Asia.

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