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Sichuan Winter Tours

Winter in Sichuan is cold with low temperature, especially in mountain areas like Mt.Emei, Xiling Snow Mountain, Jiuzhaigou valley where the temperature is just about 5 degree to 10 degree Celsius below Zero, for most people it is not intolerable cold.

The winter scenery of many attractions in Sichuan appear amazing winter views, frozen waterfall in Jiuzhaigou, magnificent glacier in Hailuogou, Skiing and other fun winter activities on Xiling snow mountain and icy golden summit on Mt. Emei are highly recommended for winter tours in Sichuan.

There are less tourists traveling in Sichuan in winter season so the tour price is comparatively much lower than that in peak season. Do travel to the ethnic area like Jiuzhaigou valley and explore the Tibetan or Qiang people's life styles as well as fairyland scenery.

  • 2-day Xiling Snow Mountain Tour

    2-day Xiling Snow Mountain Tour

    This 2 days Xiling mountain tour package offer to see the sun glint and sparkle off snow covered peaks, hear the swish of skis gliding over soft powder, feel the tug of the dogs at the sled eager to run! Breathe in the sharp crisp air as you set off on your winter adventure.
  • 5-day Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain Tour

    5-day Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain Tour

    An experiential Sichuan winter panda trip full of sightseein and activities such as snowmobile driving, sleighing, hot air ballooning, skiing, and also making an intimate contact with the adorable giant pandas in Chengdu panda base etc.. Moreover visitors is to have a chance to learn something...
  • 5-day Sichuan Panda Tour

    5-day Sichuan Panda Tour

    An interesting and enjoyable panda volunteer tour. Wearing the special working clothes, you will be a panda volunteer to feed the giant pandas, clean their houses, watch their activities and help the scientists to collect their behavior data...
  • 9-day Grand Sichuan Tour

    9-day Grand Sichuan Tour

    Travel with our encyclopedic guide! We will explore the unique Bashu cultural, the beautiful Jiuzhaigou Valley, the "terrestrial heaven" - Huanglong National Park, the panda base in Chengdu, the China Giant Buddha, and the vestiges of the "Three Kingdoms" along the ancient...