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Yellow Mountain Winter Tours

Huangshan city in winter is not severe cold; on the Mt.Huangshan, the winter lasts long and it will snow from November to March with the coming of cold waves. The lowest temperature in Mt. Huangshan reaches minus ten centigrade degrees in winter, so do pack warm winter clothes, including fleece or down if traveling to Yellow Mountain in winter season.

In winter time, the yellow mountain is covered with thick snows. The view is spectacular: the snow covered ancient pines, rocks, and pools creates wonderful ice and snow views in winter season and combine a silvery wonderland. Sea of clouds is also fantastic view in winter. Do explore the nearby ancient villages like hongcun and xidi village if you have enough time.

In winter season, the mountain area of Huangshan is less crowded in low season, and it is much cheaper to travel due to the lower costs on tickets and accommodations. And the best time to have a winter trip in Huangshan or taking some great snow mountain photos are January to February.

  • 4-day Yellow Mountain China Winter Tour

    4-day Yellow Mountain China Winter Tour

    During this 4-Day Yellow Mountain Tour, we will enjoy the awesome natural marvels in the world geological park - Mount Huangshan, explore the world cultural heritage site - Hongcun Village and visit the unbeatable woodcutting houses in the world.
  • 5-day Huangshan Yellow Mountain Avatar Tour

    5-day Huangshan Yellow Mountain Avatar Tour

    Mt.Huangshan is known as the paradise of the shutterbugs! Here you can catch many wonders:strangely-shaped pines,grotesque rock formations,sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snow...don't miss this world famous natural zoo and botanical garden! Just take your camera with us!