Huangshan Mountain

China has many famous mountains and arguably the most beautiful is Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain). Located in China’s Anhui Province, the mountain range was pushed up from the ancient sear floor over 100 million years ago during the Msozoic era. Originally known as Yishan Mountain, it was renamed Huangshan Mountain in 747AD because, according to legend, Huang Di, the reputed ancestor of the Chinese people, made magic immortality pills on the mountain.

Huangshan Mountain’s geology changes depending on what parts of the mountain you are on. Some parts of the mountain are jagged and sharp and others are round and smooth. The ancient pines that dot the mountain are twisted and small, despite their age due to the harsh environment in which they have to live.

There are over 400 different scenic spots on Huangshan Mountain which can be broken down into six areas.

Hot Springs Scenic Area
This area is known for its hot springs and waterfalls. There are several streams flowing through it

North Sea Scenic Area
This area has a number of beautiful areas including; Shixin Peak, Lion Peak, Bright Peak, Refreshing Terrace, Monkey Gazing at the Sea, and the Flying Stone. Bright Peak, the second highest Peak on Huangshan Mountain is the perfect place to watch the sea of clouds, which surround the peak on all sides. There are many unique rock formations and ancient pines in this area. Almost all of the hotels on the mountain are located here.

Jade Screen Scenic Area
The highest peak of Huangshan Mountain, Lotus Peak, is located in the Jade Screen Scenic Area. It is shaped like a blooming lotus. The steepest peak, the Heavenly Capital Peak is also in this section.

Pine Valley Scenic Area
This section is located on Huangshan Mountain’s northern slope. It occupies an area of 12.5 square kilometers and is known for its rocks and ponds.

Cloud Valley Scenic Area
Dotted with bizarre rock formations, waterfalls and sprints, the Cloud Valley Scenic Area is one of the most beautiful areas on the mountain. There are many ancient twisted pines located in this area. The Nine-Dragon Waterfall is a 300 meter waterfall with 9 breaks, giving it its name.

White Cloud Scenic Area
This is the best part of the mountain to watch clouds pass by. The sunsets visible from this area are magnificent.

The Four Wonders of Huangshan Mountain
Unique pines, rock formations, the sea of clouds, and the hot springs are the four wonders of the mountain.

The ancient pines on the mountain are short twisted and bent, despite their grate age. Due to lack of soil, the trees grow with very little nutrients and the constant wind causes them to grow twisted. They have been the subject of artists and poets for millennia.

There are uncountable bizarre rock formations on the mountain. Many of them have legends and names based on their shapes. Hearing the legends, from your guide, as you wander the mountain is very a popular part of visits to the mountain.

The Sea of Clouds has an unworldly beauty to them. From the higher peaks of Huanshan Mountain, the clouds can be seen below covering the peaks and valleys of the mountain appearing as a constantly moving sea.

The hot springs on the mountain are a wonderful way to relax while hiking around the mountain. They have been enjoyed by visitors for thousands of years.