Jianshui Old Town

Jianshui ancient town is located in Honghe Prefecture of Yunnan Province, about 210 km away from Kunming and right located between Kunming and Yuanyang. Jianshui old town is renowned as "Museum of Ancient Buildings and Residential Houses", with ancient buildings and architectures dated back to over 1,200 years ago.

Attractions inside/outside the Jianshui ancient town:

Chaoyang Tower – Built in 1389 AD, it is the symbol of Jianshui County. It is very much like the Tian'anmen Square in Beijing, while built 28 years earlier than Tian'anmen Tower. The Chaoyao Gate is 24.5 meters (80.38 feet) high, 12.31 meters (13.46 yards) long and 26.8 meters (29.3 yards) wide, containing three storeys and covering an area of 414 square meters (0.102 acres). It features the traditional construction style with big poles, a three-eaves saddle roof and wood carved doors.

Confucius temple (Wen Miao) is the special attraction in Jianshui, which was built in Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and was once the biggest Confucius temple at that time. The temple is of traditional Chinese construction style, with a big archway lying in front of temple. Sacrificial rituals are regularly held in Confucius temple, at the Ancestral Master Hall.

Zhu Family Garden also called "Grand View Garden" of South Yunnan, which showcase the traditional residential house of Qing dynasty. Zhu Family Garden boasts 218 pavilions and towers with steep ridges, painted crossbeams and intricate painted ceilings, as well as 42 Tianjing, all are provide great views to see the residential building of Qing dynasty.

Double Dragon Bridge is located 5 kilometers (3.107 miles) west of Jianshui, at the confluence of Lushui River and Tacun River, which are like double winding dragons crossing the land.

Old wells – There are many ancient wells inside the old town, scattered in various lanes and most of them are still in use by locals.