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Harbin Daowai Mosque

The Harbin Mosque is located in the center of Daowai District; it was firstly built in year 1897. It is outstanding Islamic-style architecture with towering crescent on Mochizuki floor on top of each dome. The mosque formerly was divided into East Temple, West Temple and women Temple. The main hall covers an area of 426 square meters, which is of Arab architectural style.

The major buildings are prayer hall, bath house, Xuanli Building, office room and other facilities. The minaret is another important building of the mosque, which is of a tall tower for climbing and calling Muslims for worship. And the prayer hall is covering an area of 426 square meters and 13 meters high, can hold 500 to 600 people to do prayer. There are two tall Xuanli buildings standing in the left and right side of the prayer hall.

Harbin Daowai Mosque is the largest mosque in Heilongjiang province and it receives about 100,000 Muslim from China and some others from central Asia, Malaysia and so on. It has become a must visited sites for a Muslim trip in Harbin.