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Thanks a lots for world's top Media! CNN, Huffingtonpost, Slate Magazine quoted Harbinice.com in their introduction to Harbin Ice Festival 2014. Moreover, CBS (Beijing Office) invited our tour guide to go on a spot interview at Harbin Ice and Snow World on Jan 11, 2014.

Here you can find a list of travel feedback and tour reviews from our clients who traveled with Access China Travel services. We are confident in our quality Harbin Ice Festival tour operation. Just see what they emailed to say about our services.

  • Hi Katin, yep we are back in Singapore. Thanks for asking. Billy and Yvonne have been great and attentive hosts to us we have managed to film our vision. An extra cost of 500rmb was incurred at Manchu peasant family I wish the lady would be upfront with the costs. 
    Please view the program that our client had filmed in Harbin at http://video.toggle.sg/en/series/ole-ole-temasya/ep8/325949
    Mervyn Lim
    Studio59 Concepts
    MediaCorp Pte Ltd


  • Tour Name:6-day Harbin & Yuquan Filming Tour
    Trip Time:2015-01-03 - 2015-01-08
    Clients' Information:Mervyn Lim
  • Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you for a wonderful Harbin experience this weekend. While there may have been some issues, overall it was a great weekend!

    I will definitely recommend you, Michael our tour guide and Access China Travel to my friends.


  • Tour Name:3 day Harbin Ice Festival Tour
    Trip Time:2014-01-17 - 2014-01-19
    Clients' Information:Dara David
    Country:United States
  • Our guide and driver were amazing. I would recommend them to anyone when traveling to Chengdu. We had a great time and we are sad to say goodbye. When we return to Chengdu we hope to use them again.

    Our time in Harbin was good though we were too rushed on the last day. We did’t have enough time for snow Expo or tiger park. Overall good driver and guide was very good and friendly.

  • Tour Name:10-day Chengdu Pand and Harbin Ice Snow Tour
    Trip Time:2013-12-31 - 2014-01-09
    Clients' Information:Bilafer Family
    Country:United States
  • Excellent 3 days. Really enjoy it.

  • Tour Name:3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour
    Trip Time:2014-01-11 - 2014-01-13
    Clients' Information:David Hungerford
  • Amazing tour guide. Made us feel like home. Driver was really very nice too. :)

  • Tour Name:4-day Harbin Ice & Snow World
    Trip Time:2014-01-30 - 2014-02-02
    Clients' Information:Paola Velasco
    Country:United States
  • We had a great time on our vacation. We were extremely pleased with the two tour guides, David and Franky. We also loved the hotels in Beijing. We loved all the tours, as well. The Great Wall, the Ice and Snow Festival, the Tiger Park, and the Skiing trip were all highlights.

    The only thing we were not pleased with was the Sofitel hotel in Harbin. The room was not a 5 star room, despite being labeled 5 star. I expected a large circular tub and the amenities listed on the website like the bidet.

    Anyway, despite this small frustration we had a GREAT time!

    Thank you for organizing everything for us. The flights were perfect, which made the trip quite convenient. The Beijing Hilton Capital Hotel was the perfect way to end the trip--it was fantastic!

    We will remember the trip always.

  • Tour Name:7 days Beijing and Harbin Ice Festival Tours
    Trip Time:2014-02-04 - 2014-02-10
    Clients' Information:Chris
    Country:United States
  • Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for arranging such a fantastic tour for us.

    Harbin is indeed cold but very beautiful and luckily we have done ample preparation in advance.  Our guide Enson was great and made our trip easier and more enjoyable.  He was really attentive and cared about making our experience a memorable one. He is very polite, honest and genuine, telling us to keep warm and be careful of the slippery icy ground most of the time.  We enjoyed the trip very much with his presence. Both him and the driver are very punctual, they showed up at the airport, train station and hotel on time.

    On one occasion, he tried to negotiate with the hotel to give us a double bed when the hotel say they left with only twin beds, we felt very happy with his arrangement.  Also, we want to thank you for the local lunches provided, which were very sumptuous and delicious.  The Russian dinner was romantic and the food arranged fit us well.

    We have truly enjoyed the beautiful sceneries and ice sculptures at our own pace and the private coach make us feel indeed exclusive.  Overall, it has been an entertaining experience, we highly recommend it.  Glad we made a choice with you Jennifer and HarbinIce.com.

    Take care my fren!


    Karis & Desmond

  • Tour Name:3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour
    Trip Time:2013-01-13 - 2013-01-15
    Clients' Information:Karis
  • Hi Jess,

    it´s really nice to hear about you and the way you spent holidays.

    Well, about the tour, let me tell you that it was totally awsome. The guide attention was great, he was such a nice person with us, always willing to give the best for us. The hotel was great, totally comfortable, and the private transportation also was good. The meals were delicious, it was the first time i ate dumplings since I arrive to China, because we didn´t know how to order, so it was wonderful. In general, i dont have any complains about the tour, because it was totally awsome. In fact, i want to book another tour for guilin ... my mother is coming to visit me on april and we really want to go there... so I´ll let you know about details as soon as I have the information!!
    Again, thanks a lot for everything and you have to know that we are totally satistfied with your services !!
    Best Regards


  • Tour Name:4-day Harbin Ice & Snow World Tour
    Trip Time:2012-12-12 - 2012-12-15
    Clients' Information:Tzeltzin
  • Rowena,

    The tour was wonderful.  Rachel is an excellent guide and we enjoyed having her show us Harbin.  She was kind, thoughtful (especially when we were getting really cold) and tried her best to make us feel comfortable.

    Thank you very much for your assistance in setting the tour up.  



  • Tour Name:3-day Harbin Ice Festival China Tour
    Trip Time:2012-01-30 - 2012-02-01
    Clients' Information:Kaui
    Country:United States
  • Hello Jennifer,

    My apologies for not responding to you sooner. We were very happy with our trip. We were very pleased with our Harbin itinerary. I think it was very smart to go to the smaller sculpture park on the first night because that made the Ice and Snow World on the second night that much more impressive.
    We were very happy with our guide, Rachel. She was very responsive to our needs. When she realised that we enjoyed massages she made arrangements for us to visit a local salon for foot and body massages after dinner on the second day. This was a perfect way to end a very enjoyable but cold and long day.
    We were very pleased with the choice of restuarants Rachel chose for us. We have all been living in China for over six months and know good dumplings when we see them. Once Rachel realized that several members of our group preferred vegetable options she made sure that those were included in our meals.
    We had a small issued with the Holiday Inn staff but that was totally out of your control and we dealt with it.
    Thank you again for providing the perfect winter get away and being flexible to our needs. We really enjoyed it and I have already recommended your company to several of my friends.
    Take care,


  • Tour Name:3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour
    Trip Time:2011-01-16 - 2011-01-18
    Clients' Information:Patty
    Country:United States