Manchu (All 30 Pictures)

Manchu people who lived for many centuries mainly in Manchuria (now Northeast) and adjacent areas of China and who in the 17th century conquered China and ruled the Qing dynasty. Manchus ethnic group originally lives in forests and mountains in northeast China. The music of Northeast China is influenced by the folk traditions of the Manchu and other ethnic groups in the region.
Manchu Cheongsam Chi-pao
Manchu Cheongsam Chi-pao
Manchu Village
Manchu Qing Dynasty
Manchu Show
Manchu Traditional Show
Manchu Banner Village
Manchu Silk Embroidery
Manchu Traditional Life
Manchu Festivals
Manchu Women
Manchu Paintings
Manchu Modern House
Manchu Life
Manchu Performance
Manchu Imperial Performance
Manchu Sachet Knot
Manchu Family Style
Manchu Traditional Wedding
Manchu Night Party
Manchu Dwelling House
Manchu Ceremony
Manchu Masks
Manchu Traditions
Manchu Embroidery
Manchu Girl Dress
Manchu Wedding Customs
Manchu Women Customs
Manchu Celebration
Manchu Customs
Manchu Ancestral Temple