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6-day Harbin Yabuli Ski & China Snow Town Tour

  • Destination:
  • Harbin
  • Tour Highlights:
  • >>Sun Island
  • >> Siberian Tiger Park
  • >> Yabuli Ski Resort
  • >> Ice and Snow World
  • >> China Snow Town
Day By Day

Day 1 Harbin
Transfer via: your own arranged flight/train
Meals: None
Sites Visited: Zhaolin Park Ice Lantern Show (Optional see your flight/train arrival time) 

After you arrive in Harbin, your tour guide will meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel. You will spend the rest of the day on your own. If necessary, we can follow your arrival time to arrange Zhaolin Park Ice Lantern Show.

Day 2 Harbin/Mudanjiang, China Snow Town
Meals: B, L, D
Sites visited: China's Snow Town

After breakfast, you will transfer to China's Snow Town (Zhong Guo Xue Xiang in Chinese) in Mudanjiang City. It is primarily the Shuangfeng Wood Farm in Hailin City. Linking to Harbin Ice Festival, China Snow Town is regarded as a dreamlike winter paradise for milky snow, high mountains, local traditional wooden houses, villages, animals, trees and the sunrise, which is greatly different from those in the other world's snowy areas.  

At the town's night, you can choose to stay at normal hotel or loacal room with Kang bed (kind of heatable brick bed which is very popular in the North Eastern of China).

Day 3 Mudanjiang/Yabuli
Meals: B, L, D
Sites visited: Yangcaoshan Mountain by snowmobile/mini bus

After breakfast at your hotel, your tour guide will meet you. And then we will take a mini bus to visit the Yangcaoshan Mountain. Yangcaoshan Mountain is a beautiful and peaceful place covered by thick snow where you will enjoy the beautiful sunrise and snowscape. After visiting the mountain, you will take a mini bus back to the China Snow Town. In the afternoon, you tour guide will escort you to Yabuli, the China's biggest, best, most professional ski resort.


Day 4 Yabuli/Harbin
Meals: B, L, D
Sites visited: Yabuli Ski Resort

After have breakfast, you will start your tour by private car or coach to Yabuli Ski Resort and enjoy skiing there. Then drive about 3.5 hours back to Harbin in late afternoon.

Yabuli International Ski Resort serves as a world-class skiing training venue in high mountains of good snow with a resort hotel, villas, retail and ski rental shops, souvenir stores, a youth hostel and snack bars. It is also the biggest training center for alpine skiers in China and hosts of many professional skiing competitions. In 1996 and 2009, the 3rd Winter Asian Games and the 24th Winter Universidad were once held here respectively.

The resort has two different skiing areas, the competitive skiing section and and leisure skiing section. Built according the international standard, the competitive section provides an excellent skiing environment for professional skiers. As to the leisure skiing area, there is a comparatively easy and safe field for tourist.

Day 5 Harbin
Meals: B, L, D
Sites visited: St. Sofia Church, Central Street, Flood Control Monument, Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Expo, Siberian Tiger Park, Ice and Snow World

Harbin St Sophia Cathedral church, with Byzantine style and meaning of 'God's wisdom' for name, look so beautiful as if it had been made by God's hands. The church's original shape and Latin cross footprint was preserved during reconstruction. It was first built in 1907 and rebuilt into brick and wood structure in 1912. It is the largest Orthodox Church in the Far East.

The Central Street, also known the Zhongyang Street, it is the business center and most prosperous street of Harbin city, the capital of Heilongjiang province. The Central Street is a typical represent. The Central Street is considered as the architectural art galley: Baroque and byzantine lining both sides, including Russian bakeries, French fashion houses and Japanese restaurants and so on. It's a good place to see architectural styles as well as for shopping and taste different Cuisine.

The Sun Island Scenic Area (Tai Yang Dao).  It's a great place for escaping the hot summer with cool weather and nice scenery, flowers, lakes and cute animals in the forest. When it comes to winter the island will be covered by thick snow and there will be a world-famous snow sculpture show: International Snow Sculpture Art Expo. There are various of massive, huge snow sculptures which is so impressive and amazing.

In the evening you will go to visit the Ice and Snow World. Located on the north bank of the Songhua River, the Ice and Snow Amusement World is a major attraction of Harbin Interactional Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival dunging the winter. There are full of awesome ice and snow sculptures created by artists from all around world. Kind note that please wear enough layers of proper clothes and warm shoes to keep you away form the freeze especially when you want to stay there longer to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Day 6 Harbin/Departure
Meals: B
Sites Visited: Stalin Park, Winter Swimming Performance