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Harbin Jewish New Synagogue

Located in Jingwei Street, Daoli Strict, Harbin, the New Synagogue was built in 1918 in a unique and special in style and finished in 1921 covering an area of more than 1,230 square meters. As the biggest of its kind in Northeast China, the New Synagogue accommodates more than 800 worshipers.

The New Synagogue is the second Jewish synagogue in Harbin in addition to the Old Synagogue. It has not been used for worship since the Jewish people left Harbin in 1950s. It was re-opening in 1990s, being used as a club for the local Public Security Bureau. After renovation and reconstruction by the Harbin Municipal Government in 2004, the New Synagogue was transformed into a Jewish museum of history and culture, preserving and exhibiting Jewish artifacts.

Harbin once had the largest Jewish population in the Far East. In the late 10th and early 20th centuries, the New Synagogue was the largest political, economic and cultural center for Jewish people in the region. Today, the synagogue is one of the must-see attractions in Harbin due to its unique architecture and culture.

Address: 162 Jingwei Street, Daoli District

By Bus: 162, 21, 105, 112, 74

Opening Time: 8:30 – 16: 30; Mon – Sun