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Trains from Harbin to Yabuli Ski Resort

There are two train stations in Yabuli Harbin, one is Yabuli Railway Station and another is Yabuli South Railway South Station. The Yabuli Railway Station is located in Yabuli Township, about 22 kilometers from Yabuli South Railway Station.

The Yabuli South Railway station is just next to the Ski resort, which means travelers can take train from Harbin to Yabuli ski resort directly. The special tourism train began in use in Dec 2007; and during the tourism peak season (late November to March next Year), a bullet CRH train is used to upgrade the service; while in normal season, the old green train is in use. After getting off at the train from south train station, it takes only 5 minutes's walking from train station to Yabuli Ski Resort

It is hard to get a train ticket during the peak season from Harbin to Yabuli South Railway Station; so some skiers have to transit to Harbin Railway station first, then take the local minu bus to Yabuli Ski Resort which costs around RMB 50.00.
Train from Harbin to Yabuli Ski Resort

The Skiing Special Train (Huaxue Zhuanlie): K7047/7048 From - To Departure Time
Harbin East Railway Station - Yabuli 08:08
Yabuli South Station - Harbin 16:08

By train: Visitors can take the following trains to the Yabuli Railway Station & Yabuli South Railway Station

Tran No.TypeFromDept.TimeToArrival TimeTravel Time
2051 Fast Harbin 00:36 Yabuli 03:37 3h01min
K7047 Air-conditioned Fast 08:08 11:15 (Yabuli South) 3h07min
K7053 Air-conditioned Fast 08:28 11:53 3h25min
K265 Air-conditioned Fast 08:43 11:35 2h52min
4041 Fast 16:35 20:25 3h50min
K7105 Air-conditioned Fast 17:00 19:43 2h43min