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Huatian Wujimi Ski Resort

Huatian Wujimi Ski Resort is located in the nothern slope of Sifangdingzi Mountain, 9 km from Shangzi City and 115 km away from Harbin. Built in 1964, this SSS ski resort has been the host of three previous National Skiing Competitions and brought up over 700 national champion ski players in skiing programs by far. The best snow time of the resort is about 120 days from December to March next year.   

Now the resort has 3 sking trails of total length 5000 meters, 3 towlines and 1 aerial tramway, 6 snow-making machines, 2500 suits of equipment, 50 coaches for ski traning school, as well as facilities for 300 lodgment, 6000 dining, 3000 skiing. In addition, various amusements such as snowmobiling, snow flying disk, skating and more are available there.