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Harbin Songhua River Winter Swimming

Every year, Harbin winter swimming performance, show and game on the Songhua River add bustling with noise and excitement to  Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.
In winter, the temperature is usually lower than 20 degrees below zero in Harbin. The winter swimming is a very popular outdoor physical activity showing off the strong physique and iron of Harbin local people. Prefessional swimming pools are digged on the surface of frozen Songhua River 200 meters upwards the west of Harbin Songhuajiang Road Bridge.

Sponsored by the Winter Swimming Association of Harbin Municipality, all kinds of Harbin winter swimming shows and tournament games attractions many winter swimming lovers from all over China, as well as from nearly 30 countries. During the Harbin Ice Festival, the tourists can delightfully enjoy a list of highlights from comical diving shows to prefessional swimming competitions.      

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Songhua River Near Harbin Road Bridge

Getting There
Tourists can take No. 101, 103 and 64 buses from the train station to Songhuajiang River.

Ticket Price:¥30 yuan 
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 14:00

Travel Tips:
From December to the next January is the best time to visit.