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Shopping in Harbin

What to buy
Harbin city is so very near to Russia, it is not surprising to find a variety of Russian handicrafts here. Russian dolls with their air of charming naivety are among the best souvenirs for your relatives and friends. Also, another attractive thing about this city is the wide variety of dress.  Other kinds of Russian merchandise are sold in Guogeli Dajie, which is totally Russian in style. Pilose antler and marten are regarded as three Treasures of Northeast of China, which you can find quite easily in the local supermarkets.

Panax, pilose antler and marten are regarded as the 'Three Treasures' of Northeast China by the Chinese. Panax (also more commonly know in the West as ginseng) and pilose antler of a young stag are the basis of rare Chinese traditional medicine and health care products, whereas the fur of the marten is used for clothing; these can all be bought in Harbin at very reasonable prices. A commodity that is not only a nourishing food but also a rare herbal medicine is the hedgehog fungus; another famous popular product. For those who enjoy fish as part of their diet, Harbin has an excellent supply of locally caught, salmon, sturgeon, mandarin fish, bream and crucian carp. You will find all these goods quite easily in the local supermarkets and department stores.

Where to buy
Department Store
Grand Shopping Center
Address: No.373, Guoheli Avenue, Nangang District
Bus Routes: Buses of 2, 6, 7, 10 and 11, etc are available.
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00

MYKAL Department Store
The most upscale shopping center with a number of world-famous brand names.
Address: Intersection of Shangzhi Street and Shitoudao Street Harbin Parkson
Address: 222 Central Street, Daoli District

Walmart Supermarket
Zhongshan Branch: No.254, Zhongshan Lu, Nangang District
Xianfeng Lu Branch: No.168, Xianfeng Lu
Youyi Branch: 2 – 4 F, Wanda Shopping Square, Youyi Road, Daoli District

Lane Crawford
It is the second branch of China's interior and leading specialty fashion store in Harbin. A number of world famous brand products can be purchased here. Of course, they tend to be highly priced.
Address: No.167, Zhongyang Dajie, Dao Li District
Home Club Supermarket
Branch of Yongping: No.100, Dong Zhi Jie, Dao Wai District
Branch of Meeting Center: No.301, Hongqi Dajie, Nangang District
Branch of Songle: No.2, San Da Dongli Lu, Dongli District

Wholesale Market
In China, the wholesale markets are popular among locals, as well as visitors. Since there are a wide variety of low priced goods in these markets, nowadays, almost every city of China has its own local wholesale market. The Harbin TLLI Wholesale Market is recommended to you. Clothing, shoes and commodities are all available here. Of course, it is customary to bargain with the dealers over their prices according to the quality of goods.
Address: No.58, Shitou Dao Jie, Dao Li District.