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Dragon Tower

The Dragon Tower (Long Ta) in Harbin, Known as the TV tower of Heilongjiang, is the highest steel structure tower in Asia and second highest in the world with a height of 336 meters, like a dazzling jewel inlaid on the earth of Heilongjiang.

The base of Dragon Tower consists of underground floor and the first four floors above the ground. At the main hall, there is a Holy Altar of Descendant of the Yellow Emperor. In the second floor, there are Confucius’ School, Wax Work Museum and the exhibition of popularization science -- here you can see the fossil of the dinosaurs.

The Dragon Tower is a comprehensive multi-functional tower combines radio & television transmission, sightseeing, food and beverage amusement, in a body advertisement propagate, scientific and technological paradise, environmental meteorological observation and monitoring, microwave communications and wireless communications together. It has become new significant view of Harbin, which has enjoyed the reputation of “Eastern Moscow”.

No.7, 24, 71, and No.112

Reviews from trip adviosr:
We could see very little from the top.
I would give this one a pass. We visited on a clear day, but, whether because of the pollution or some other factor, could see very little. It was also quite pricey, at 150 RMB for an adult ticket. My kids did like the small dinosaur display on the second floor.

Great view of City of Harbin!
The visit to Longta Tower was our first stop. Very nice tower with many viewing platforms. If you have been to Eiffel Tower then this may not be so spectacular. But it is the tallest tower in Asia. One word of advice, consider joining a 1 day tour because traffic is very bad due to pure number of cars and also the road conditions. Taxis were also not so easy to catch... so if you go in the winter, join a tour, wasting time in the cold waiting for a taxi is not fun. Enjoy your trip!