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Gogol Russian Street

Gogol Street is a good place to introduce Russian flavor and Sino-Russia culture fuse in history in China. The street, built in 1901, has a hisotry of more than one hundred years.

In 1902, Russian moved a branch of Qiulin Company from Xiangfang District to Gogol Street. Then the branch was expanded, and more Russian enterprises, shops, stores followed Qiulin branch to settle down there. Thus this laid a basic for the thriving street.

The two sides of the street stands in great numbers of Russsian style buildings. Among the buildings, Aliekayefu Church is the best known for its Baroque style. Aliekayefu Church also called the Orthodox Eastern Church of Harbin. Outside it was built so beautiful, but was not allowed to visit the interior. The building looks to have been allowed to run down a bit not accessible beacuse of MRT construction. it's surrounded by metro constuction. And we asked the church just next to it. The people said they never see this Orthodox Eastern Church of Harbin open in the past decades. I find out that don't ever expect what you can discover churches or temples in China. pretty much different from what you can enjoy in European countires or other Asian countries. Most of these religious sites are not functioning or very basic.

In fact, Gogol Street is one of the culture center of Harbin. The street is paved with horsesho stones and marble slab lies at the two sides. Marble slabs are carved with the historical events, literature, figures, books, songs and more to show profound history & culture of Heilongjiang province.    

Lastly, Gogol street has many bars, clubs and more for city nightlife, fun, relax, entertainment.  

Travel Tips:
Free entrance a full day and visit for 1-2 hours

Gogol Street, Nan_gang District, Harbin 150000, China

By No.2, No.8, No.207