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Harbin Lindian Hot Spring

Located in Daqing, Lindian Hot Spring is 235 kilometers or 3 hours bus away from Harbin city. Lindian Hot Spring was orginally built in 1989 as an military officer sanitarium for Chinese retired cadre of Heilongjiang province. Now the sanitarium has been opened as AA holiday resorts for tourists.   

Th hot spring was found by Daqing petroleum administration in August, 1975, while they were drilling an oilwell. The spring water comes from 1792 meter underground with a temperature of 39.5-41.5°C and contains strontium, bromine, iodine, carbonic acid, sodium chloride and more trace elements. The water drinking is good for the recovery of gastroenteritis and diabetes mellitus; bathing in the hot spring is able to relieve the scar, rheumatism, arthritis and more...   

With an area of 120, 000 square meters, the hot spring sanitarium has 70 hotel rooms, 870 square-meter hydrotherapy room for 150 people one time, dining-hall for 300 people in capacity, meeting rooms and more facilities. Visitors can play croquet, billiards, ping-pong, basketball, chess and cards; do some reading, fishing, relaxing; enjoy local Er Ren Zhuan performance and Bonfire night at its activity center.   

Opening Time:  6:00 - 22:00
Tickets: 20 RMB for adults, 10 RMB for children, serviceman is free;
Address: 7 km north towards Lindian county downtown, Daqing, Heilongjiang Province
Transportantion:  No. 355 and No. 365 bus from Daqing city seat, Down at Lindian Hot Spring Sanitarium Stop
Tips: Temperature different from indoor to outdoor, prevent yourself from getting cold;
      Often drinking, lipstick and Skin moisturizers for dry climate in Northeast China;