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Siberian Tiger Park

Siberian Tiger is called Manchurian or Dongbei (Northeast) tiger in China. Its Latin name is Panthera tigris altaica. The Siberian tiger is the largest living felid and ranks among the biggest felids to ever exist. It inhabitate mainly the Sikhote Alin mountain region in the Russian Far East and northeastern China. It is listed as one of the world's 10 most endangered animals.

Harbin Siberian Tiger Forest Park is a large base for tiger pretection, research, breeding, forest experience sightseeing. Covering an area of 1,440,000 square meters, the tiger park sits on the Northern bank of Songhua River and adjacent to the famous Sun Island. Home to over 600 tigers and more lions, leopards, liger, jaguar animals, the park consists of five sections: Adult Tiger Garden, Adult Tiger Breeding Garden, Tiger Cub Garden, Lion Garden and the Walking Area.   

In the tiger park, visitors can buy raw meat and/or live animals to feed the tigers, take photos with tigers and appreciate closely them with protected cage cars or jeeps to get an exciting adventure with fierce animals. Perhaps, the most thrilling park lends your Harbin ice fesitval winter tour an epical experience in your lifetime.

Reviews from some trip advisors:
Fantastic Tigers! - I visited the park in January with my 2 sons, seeing these unique and beautiful tigers in the snow, was an unforgettable experience. There are over 500 Siberian tigers here and you can really see them up close from your bus and take same fantastic photos while the staff are feeding them. In addition, you can also see white tigers, lions, lynx, leopards, and black pumas as well as Bengali tigers in cages. There is a lovely gift shop with anything you can think of related to tigers, we even found a toy tiger singing a famous South African rugby song!

Amazing Fun! Must go place! - Most people know Harbin as the city for the famous ice sculptures, but there you can also find the Siberian tiger, they have a large space and you can drive coaster bus (with grills all over to serve as protection in case the tigers go wild) through the park with special buses although they did not make me feel safe, the tigers are feed with live chicken. Beside the Siberian tiger you can also find the White tiger here.

The Siberian tigers were not as "wild" as I thought. Maybe because they were just trained to get used to the natural environment. They do not scare tourists. They even shy away from the camera. We witnessed how tigers devoured live chickens. It was a bit gory.

Travel Tips:
1) You can do this visit within 2 hours, if you visit in the winter time be sure to wear many warm clothes and socks as the temperature goes below 40 degree Celsius.

2) If you want to drive 1 hours to park yourself, you had better remmeber to negotiate with a taxi driver to take you there and wait for you to take you back to your hotel, transport can be difficult to find back from the park.

No.88 Songbei Street, Songbei District, Harbin 150028, China