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Harbin Inaugurates Annual Concert Series in 2017

Harbin will begin holding an annual series of music performance to showcase the beauty of the northeastern Chinese city as part of the city's effort to build Harbin into a "music city".

Starting with an inaugural choral performance on March 25, a series of eight concert performances will continue to be held at the Harbin Music Hall every year. The concerts will be hosted by the Harbin Media, Radio, Television and News Publication Bureau and held by the Heilongjiang Enterprise Commerce Chamber.

"The first concert featured both Chinese nostalgic songs and classic international songs,” said Jiang Jinyi, conductor of the performance. "Many famous musicians took part in the concert to improve the quality of the performance."

Jiang Jinyi will take responsibility for the entire concert series, developing the performances into a media brand for Harbin.

Two additional concerts will be held during the fourth China-Russia Exposition and the second China-Russia Cultural Exchange Weekend, with performances commemorating the anniversary of the death of composers Felix Mendelssohn and Johannes Brahms also planned for later this year.