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Harbin Ice & Snow World 2014

The Harbin Ice & Snow World 2014 begins on January 5th. Lots of fantastic ice sulprtures will be on show. These ice sculptures are of famous characters from cartoon and comic books of different countries.

Famous cartoon and comic characters sculpture in Harbin Ice & Snow World 2014 :

The mascot of The Brazilian World Cup Armadillo
Rubber Duck from Netherlands
Unlucky Bear from South Korea
Flying Dog Webber from Germany
American Disney
Angry Bird from Finland
The Smurfs in Belgian comic magazine
Hello Kitty and Doraemon from Japan
McDull,Boonie Bears and Old Master in China's comic book

Recreational facilities & sport events
A new alpine slide at high speed with a total length of 240 meters
New snow assault boats
Ice bars and ice hotels
CS competition in Ice and Snow field
Snow & ice sword and crossbow competition

Ticket price:
Day time (9:00-12:00) 150 RMB, student price (domestic undergraduates only)120 RMB
Night time:(12:00-21:00) 300 RMB, 330 RMB on festivals
Harbin citizens: 160 RMB, students:(undergraduates only)160 RMB