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Ski Resort in Volga Manor Welcomes Guests

The ski resort at Volga Manor in Harbin, Heilongjiang province opens to the public on Dec 7, providing a new option for tourists who love winter sports.

Volga Manor specializes in Russian culture and authentic Russian experiences. It is among the most popular winter tourism destinations in Heilongjiang, following Harbin Ice and Snow World, Yabuli Ski Resort, and Xuexiang scenic area.

Golf courses in Volga Manor have been made into ski resorts for the winter, attracting tourists from home and abroad.

"We have enjoyed snow and ice, as well as Russian-style performances in Volga Manor," said Zhang Sijia, a tourist from Xiamen holidaying with his family.

Information from Volga Manor reveals that six activities with a theme of "Oriental Moscow, Fantasy Volga" will be held during the winter, including Petrov Art Palace of Large-scale Wall Paintings Exhibition, New Year's Night Ball, and ice and snow festivals.

Tourists can also enjoy a 50 percent discount on tickets for Dec 12, when the Third Volga Manor Skiing Festival will be held.

In addition to rich activities, tourist information regarding other scenic spots in Harbin can be found in Volga Manor. It also operates a shuttle bus to Harbin Snow and Ice World.