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Shangri-La Holds Small Charity Auction in Harbin

April 16, Easter Day, coincided with the hundredth day the Songbei Shangri-La Hotel in Harbin,Heilongjiang province, has been open. In order to celebrate the commemorative day, two Shangri-La hotels on both sides of the Songhua River jointly held a charity auction activity.

Songbei Shangri-La Hotel sent a bus to pick up pupils from Yongsheng Primary School, one of the cooperation partners of both the Shangri-La Songbei hotel and Harbin hotel.

As soon as the bus arrived at the Songbei Shangri-La Hotel, the pupils were glad to see the tiger mascot “Beibei” welcome them.

It was the first time for these children to celebrate Easter. They were full of joy and curiosity to see chocolates made into animals of different shapes, as well as colorful Easter eggs and candies.

Hotel staff members explained the origin and implied meaning of Easter.

Meanwhile, the hotel staff members showed them how to paint Easter eggs, with many of the children beginning immediately, unable to restrain themselves until the explanations ended.

They finished their work in about half an hour. The hotel organized a charity auction activity at the same time.

Every guest who won a bid could get a drawn Easter egg and had the opportunity to take pictures with these students.

This activity was held to encourage more people to take part in philanthropy and fill the hotel with warmth and love.