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Skeletal Crocodile Fossils Discovered in Jilin

A 1.5-meter long fossilized skeleton of a crocodile from the Cretaceous period was discovered in Yanji, Jilin, on June 1 -- a rare occurrence in China.

The fossil, from head to tail, has been well-preserved and the crocodile skin can be clearly seen.

Jin Changzhu, professor at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleonthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said "It's rare to see such well-conserved ones in Jilin."

Together with the crocodile fossil was a well-preserved dinosaur skeleton fossil with ribs, humerus bones, and teeth.

Jin predicts that the parts dug out may be able to form a complete dinosaur skeleton.

"There may be more dinosaur fossils in this area as crocodiles lived in the same period as dinosaurs," he added.

To date, six lithospheres have been discovered in Yanji.

Tang Zhilu, member of the National Palaeontological Fossil Expert Committee, said the fossil-bearing beds in the Yanji basin has 90 to 100 million years of history buried close to the surface.

Various types of dinosaur fossils including carnosaurs, terrapin animals, and crocodiles bones have all been dug out in different fossil beds