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Wuchang Rice Museum in Harbin Opens to Public

A museum designed to promote Wuchang as a center for high-quality rice recently opened to the public.

The museum comprises of several exhibition areas with information about the local environment, the history of rice planting, different varieties of rice, agricultural technology, processing, and the unique qualities of Wuchang Rice.

The museum also offers visitors the chance to learn more about the achievements of the local rice brand, as well as plans to develop the brand in the future.

Wuchang, a county-level city in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, held a rice festival on Aug 28, in an effort to promote the Wuchang Rice brand.

Wuchang has a reputation for its rice due to its fertile black land, abundant sunshine, rich water resources and expert cultivation techniques. Wuchang Rice is famous for its distinctive aroma and considered one of China's best.

In 2017, the List for Chinese Brands Value Evaluation revealed that Wuchang Rice ranked first among China’s rice brands with a brand value of 67.07 billion yuan ($9.71 billion).