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China Winter Attractions

  • Tunxi Ancient Street

    Tunxi Ancient Street

    Located in Huangshan City, the Tunxi Ancient Street has centuries of history. Originally built in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the remaining shops on the street date back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
  • Hongcun Village

    Hongcun Village

    Located near Huangshan Mountain, the ancient village of Hongcun has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. According to legend, the village was arranged in the shape of an ox.
  • Xidi Village

    Xidi Village

    Xidi Village is located near Huangshan Mountain, in China's Anhui Province. The village was founded in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) and most of the residences in the village now date back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties.
  • Fujian Hakka Tulou

    Fujian Hakka Tulou

    Tulou, meaning earth building, is the most extraordinary type of Chinese Hakka's rural dwelinngs in the mountainous areas of Fujian, in south China.
  • Wuyishan Moutain

    Wuyishan Moutain

    Wuyi Mountain, 15 km south from Chong'an County in Fujian Province, is listed together with Tai Moutain, Huangshan Mountain, Emei and Leshan Mountain by UNESCO as the word's natural and cultural heritages. Wuyi Mountain, with area of 70 square kilometers, is also praised as number one scenic...
  • Duolun Lu Cultural Street

    Duolun Lu Cultural Street

    Duolun Lu today has become a cultural bazaar composed of old-style lanes, antique market, bookstores, teahouses, former residences and museums of cultural celebrities, and folk museums.
  • Nanshan Ski Resort

    Nanshan Ski Resort

    Nanshan Ski Resort is located in Miyun county of Beijing, about 80km away from downtown area (about 30 minutes' drive). It is the largest of its kind in northern China.
  • Shangri-La


    Shangri-la is located at point where Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan all meet. The county is worth to visit for the area's Tibetan heritage and gorgeous countryside in near isolation, with lofty and continuous snowy mountains, endless grasslands, steep and grand gorges, azure lakes and the bucolic...
  • Jianshui Old Town

    Jianshui Old Town

    Jianshui old town is renowned as "Museum of Ancient Buildings and Residential Houses", with ancient buildings and architectures dated back to over 1,200 years ago.
  • Luhuitou Park

    Luhuitou Park

    Luhuitou Park is situated on a hill near the seashore, about 3 kilometers from Sanya city; while the Luhuitou Hill is the main peak of Luhuitou park.