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Penguin Celebrates her Birthday in Harbin Polarland

You might have seen an elderly person who is more than 90 years old, but what about a penguin?

A female penguin from Harbin Polarland turns 27 on Jan 19. Usually, the average life expectancy for a penguin is around 20 - equivalent to a person in their nineties.

This penguin, named “Queen”, is an Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri), a rare type of the bird.

Queen is one and a half times the size, and weighs twice as much as a common penguin.

However, Queen has a mild temperament and has always interacted well with other penguins.

Queen has a big appetite and often reminds her keeper to feed her. When she is hungry, she will come to her keeper for food.

In order to celebrate Queen’s 27th birthday, Harbin Polarland has decorated the antarctic penguin pavilion to improve the living environment for the penguins.