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Subway Line 3 Set to Improve Harbin City Transport

Construction work comes to an end on the main structure of Qunli Sixth Avenue Station in Harbin, Heilongjiang province. 

Construction of the main section of Qunli Sixth Avenue Station, part of the second phase of Harbin subway line 3, was recently completed.

Located at the intersection of Qunli Sixth Avenue and Lijiang Road, the station is a two-story underground structure with four entrances and exits, with Qunli Fifth Avenue Station to its north and Gongnong Street Station to its south.

Qunli Sixth Avenue Station is estimated to be open to traffic from 2021.

Harbin subway line 3 is the only subway line within the inner city ring. The first phase of the line began trial operations on Jan 26 this year, and the second phase is still under construction.

After completion of the second phase, the improved subway system will help effectively deal with traffic congestion problems in Harbin.