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Things to Do in Harbin

In Ice City Harbin, there are a list of festivals, events & winter activity for your travel choice.

Harbin Top Festivals & Events
>> Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival
Date: December - January, Opening on January 5
Activities: A grand meeting ceremony offers sights of Ice lanterns, ice and snow sculptures, winter ice sports & cultural performance activities etc.
Venue: Main streets and parks in Harbin City
>> Harbin Folk Ice Lantern Garden Party  
Date:  Harbin Ice Festival Opening on January 5;
       Chinese Spring Festival (January 1 on lunar calendor);  
       Chinese Lantern Festival(January 15 on lunar calendor);
Activities: Ice lantern show and a lots of traditional activities of Chinese Spring & Lantern Festival such as temple fairs.
Venue: All places around Harbin City

>> Mulan Ice Rolling Festival
Date: anuary 15 on lunar calendor
Activities: Local villagers lighten the candles and set them in various shapes, then people roll on the ice-covered river surface and pray for good luck.
Venue: Villages, Mulan county, Harbin

>> Harbin Summer International Beer Festival
Date: July
Activities: A series of activities such as beer taste, beer drinking competition and variety shows to celebrate Harbin as birth place of beer in China.  
Venue: the venue of Harbin Ice and Snow World, Songbei District.

>> Harbin Summer Music Concert
Date: August 6 - August 15  
Activities: Local Harbin musicians, famous China musicians and world top musicians are invited to sing and play at the same stage.  
Venue: Harbin Meeting Exhibition and Sports Center

Harbin Ice Snow Sculpture Competitions & Events

Harbin International Assembled Ice Sculpture Championship

Harbin International Snow Sculpture Competition

Harbin International Ice Sculpture Competition

Harbin International College Student Ice Sculpture Contest

Harbin International Winter Swimming Invitation Game Tournament

Harbin Winter Activities
Individual, couple, family and group tourists can can go on Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, skeleton sledding, snowmobiling, snowboarding, horse & dog sledding, lake skating, snowmen making, snowland fireworks display and bonfire night party at top Harbin ski resorts.

besides abovementioned, there are also something funny to enjoy:
Ice & snow lanterns, sculptures to see at the festival parks
Winter swimming game for personal challenge
Winter fishing for individual interest    
Skating on the ice-covered Songhuajiang River or Lakes
Collective wedding ceremony for couple honeymoon  
Hiking snow mountain forest farm in China's Snow Town
Foot massage for frozen feet
Adventure in Siberian Tiger Park
Nightlife in clubs, pubs, and bars