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Northeast China Attractions

  • Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort

    Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort

    The Wanda Changbaishan International Resort is located in Fusong County, Baishan City, Jilin Province, covering an area of 21 sq km. It is only 10 km away from the Changbaishan Airport and 20 km away from the Heaven Lake scenic spot on China-North Korea border.
  • Lake Chagan Winter Fishing China

    Lake Chagan Winter Fishing China

    Chagan Lake, Mongolian as "Chagan Naoer", with a meaning of white holy lake, is located in Qianguo county, Songyuan, Jilin China. The lake is often referred to as Sacred Pond or Holy Water Lake by local people. With an area of 307 square kilometers, it was once a fishing and hunting...
  • Jilin Rime Ice & Snow Festival

    Jilin Rime Ice & Snow Festival

    China Jilin City is a popular destination for tourists to come each winter to view the magnificent rime ice (Wusong) on trees along the banks of the Songhua River, (the river is the only river in the region that does not freeze in winter).
  • Changbai Shan Mountains

    Changbai Shan Mountains

    Of the range, the highest mountain is Baekdu, Paektu, or Changbai Mountain (2,745 m), an active volcano on the border between North Korea and China. It is also the highest mountain on the Korean Peninsula and in northeastern China. A large crater lake, called Heaven Lake, is in the caldera atop...
  • Shenyang Mukden Imperial Palace

    Shenyang Mukden Imperial Palace

    The Mukden Palace or Shenyang Gugong, also known as the Shenyang Imperial Palace, is the former imperial palace of the early Qing emperors before moving their capital to Beijing. It was built in 1625 and home to the first three emperors (who lived there from 1625 to 1644) of the Qing Dynasty...
  • Huludao Jiumenkou Great Wall

    Huludao Jiumenkou Great Wall

    The Jiumenkou Great Wall is the only section of the Great Wall that runs over water. Its construction dates from the Northern Qi Dynasty (550-577), and it was further expanded in 1381 during the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).
  • Mudanjiang Jingpo Lake

    Mudanjiang Jingpo Lake

    Lake Jingpo or Lake Jingbo, literally "Mirror Lake", is a lake scenic area located on the Wanda Mountains, in Ningan County of Mudanjiang city, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, in the upper reaches of Mudan River.
  • Dunhua Zhengjue Temple

    Dunhua Zhengjue Temple

    Zhengjue Temple is an ancient temple originally built during the period of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. It is located at east gate of Aodong city at foot of Changban Mountain in Jilin Province. It experienced a fall since Japanese Invaision into China.
  • Yanbian Korean Garden & Villages

    Yanbian Korean Garden & Villages

    The garden is located at the Yenchi urban district,Yanji City, 2 kilometer southward Mao'ershan Country Forest Park. And Hongqi village is known as the 'first village at the foot of Changbai Mountain'. It is known for its pure Korean flavor because almost all families in the village are of Korean...
  • Jilin Rime Ice Island

    Jilin Rime Ice Island

    Rime Ice Island or Wusong Dao is only 40 kilometers from Jilin City, but lower than it. Jilin Rime is completely surrounded by water and is a meeting point for cold air to meet warmer ocean air. The island is often covered with heavy fog, with fog covering up to this small 6-kilometer island and...