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Thanks a lots for world's top Media! CNN, Huffingtonpost, Slate Magazine quoted Harbinice.com in their introduction to Harbin Ice Festival 2014. Moreover, CBS (Beijing Office) invited our tour guide to go on a spot interview at Harbin Ice and Snow World on Jan 11, 2014.

Here you can find a list of travel feedback and tour reviews from our clients who traveled with Access China Travel services. We are confident in our quality Harbin Ice Festival tour operation. Just see what they emailed to say about our services.

  • Dear Amber,

    Thank you for a wonderful Harbin and Beijing experience. While there may have been some issues, overall it was a great China winter tour!

    I will definitely recommend you, Michael our tour guide and Access China Travel to my friends.



  • Tour Name:6-day Harbin Beijing Winter Tour
    Trip Time:2019-02-08 - 2019-02-13
    Clients' Information:Tony Blair
    Country:United Kingdom
  • Hi Alina,
    Just have the time to write this email. The tour was great and we got such a memorable experience in Harbin! Thank you for your kind assistance about all suggestions and management. Also, the tour guide(Billy) and the driver(Mr.Lu) were very kind and helpful. Especially Billy, he was really friendly and had service mind; willing to help us in any single step. Thank you for making our New Year special and freezing fun!

    Best regards,
    Tanchanok Chaiperm
  • Tour Name:4-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour
    Trip Time:2018-12-29 - 2019-01-01
    Clients' Information:Tanchanok Chaiperm
  • Hi Alina,
    I wanted to share some feedback about our trip this weekend with Anna in Harbin.

    Anna was enthusiastic and nice to work with. She sometimes seemed overwhelmed with 17 of us (hard to keep 17 people walking her speed) but she did fine.

    The first stop on the tour (Central Street and the river) was too long. Most of us found we could have spent about 1/2 the time there we did.

    The tiger park was fine.

    The meal was the real problem. While the food was pretty good, it wasn't as expected, the restaurant's enviroment and service was not up to our expectation.

    We had enough time at the Sculpture World and the Ice Park and the tour went for 1-2 hours.

    That said, overall, it was a good tour. We are all living in China and know that expectations for tours and travel is different than we are used to in the US, so I don't think we had unreasonable expectations.

    Thank you for helping us has this once in a lifetime experience.

    Sarah Applegate


    1-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour 2018 review

  • Tour Name:1-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour
    Trip Time:2018-01-27 - 2018-01-27
    Clients' Information:Sarah Applegate
    Country:United States
  • Dear Alina, 

    To give you feedback on our Harbin Tour. Our guide, Nizi, was very good and very caring which we truly appreciated. She really went out of her way with everything. I shall give you some examples:


    Firstly, it was so extremely cold; she brought us face covers, and ear muffs. And on a day when it was foggy from pollution, she brought us 3M face masks. She shared snacks with us on the van during travel. She also brought me a pair of gloves and snipped off 2 fingers so I could use my handphone easily without taking off my glove. 


    Before we went outdoors, she made sure we were all zipped up and covered properly. 


    She rearranged our tour, with our consent so we had a better flow and more even time as the arrangement on day 4 was too hectic. So we went to the ice festival and the Siberian tiger park on the first day which was much better. 


    She helped us pay cash for hotel deposit, attractions such as cable car as we were shocked to find that credit cards were not accepted anywhere, even at the hotel! I would strongly suggest that you inform all visitors in advance of travel that credit cards are not accepted in Harbin and give an estimation of cash required for meals, attractions etc. It was a surprise to us as this is the first place I've travelled to with no credit card acceptance.


    At meal times, she gave good recommendations of restaurants and would always recommend that we do not over order.


    She also brought us her own toboggan when we went to the snows, so we did not have to rent one. She also recommended that we ski at Volga Manor which was a third of the price at Yabuli, which was a good recommendation as we are beginners. 


    So we found that she was very genuine, unlike many chinese guides we have been with who want to make money out of you. 


    The driver was also very good, no complains, always there and Nizi coordinated with him very well. 


    If there was any improvement on the guide, it would be her English proficiency which she told us she is trying to improve.  


    With the pick up in Beijing airport, the driver waited at the wrong gate. Although we had clearly advised the arrival and airline. I think in future, you should provide client contact number and driver contact number. Thank goodness you answered your phone very late at night.


    And the Beijing tours all went very well, tour guide English and explanations were excellent. We just got anxious as pick up messages were left quite late in the evening. SImilarly, contact number should be given so we can contact appropriately. 


    All in all, we had a great time. I hope you will share my comments with Nizi's tour company so she can be aware that what she has done has been warmly appreciated, which is so important for foreigners in a different country.   




  • Tour Name:7-day Beijing Harbin Winter Tour
    Trip Time:2017-12-27 - 2018-01-02
    Clients' Information:Janice Yew
  • Hello Amber, Wanted to again say thank you for your assistance in putting together our itinerary and helping my wife & I achieve our dream of visiting the Harbin Ice & Snow Festival. We were especially impressed with our guide Ruby & our driver - both were excellent & made our trip that much more enjoyable and easy for us. Ruby was an excellent guide & was a big help in helping us understand the Chinese culture and differences between our countries; constantly providing us with facts; making suggestions of things to do & see in our free time; ensuring we ate amazing food that we would not have otherwise tried or ordered; and being so friendly, caring, considerate and professional. My wife & Ruby actually had a number of things/interests in common & we felt like a friend from the moment we met. Even our driver, although not speaking English, was excellent in his professionalism; courtesy; assistance and reliability. When we left, we forgot to pass on our contact details to Ruby, as we would like to stay in touch with her if possible. Would you be able to pass on our details for us, allowing her to contact us directly if it suits her? We would be most grateful if this could be possible. Thanks again for all your help Holly, and we will be telling all our friends about the trip & service we received, highly recommending they visit Harbin for the Ice & Snow Festival and of course, utilisng the services of Access China Travel. Best Regards, Don Noble

  • Tour Name:3-day Harbin Ice Festival Family Tour
    Trip Time:2016-01-15 - 2016-01-18
    Clients' Information:Don Noble
  • Hi Holly,

    we were really satisfied about the whole organization!
    From the email emails to the pick up at the hotel and the tour guide, the car and the driver.....everything was perfect!

    We enjoyed very much the whole day and we know we can ask everything and see everything we want....great!

    We recommended your company to our friends who will come next year to Harbin.

    Thank you very much for everything.

    Take care and best regards-

    Sandra & Sascha

  • Tour Name:One Day Harbin Relax Ice Snow Private Tour
    Trip Time:2016-01-17 - 2016-01-17
    Clients' Information:Sandra & Sascha
    Country:United States
  • That is such good news.  Thank you so much for your patience.  I am not quite home but back in the states.  I enjoyed the trip so much that I am wondering if you have tours in the mountainous region including the glass walkway and bridge.  

    Harbin was all and more than I expected I will forward you photos when I get them together.
    Again Many Thanks

    Dee Ann

  • Tour Name:6-day Habrin & China Snow Town tour
    Trip Time:2016-01-16 - 2016-01-21
    Clients' Information:Dee Ann
    Country:United States
  • Hi Anna

    We had a lovely time.   Ms Cindy was wonderful..    such good English and so much knowledge.   She took such good care of us.   Could not have been nicer or more attentive.

    Our Van was very nice and the driver did an excellent job.   Always there on time and where we needed him to be to pick us up.   The Hotel was lovely.   A bit away from town so some driving was involved but we did ok.   I think the location of the Shangrlia was have been more convenient.   We really enjoyed everything and all arrangements and itinerary were excellent.

    A trip we will always remember and think of with fond memories.

    thank you for your help in planning and arrangements.   We would recommend Access China Travel to all and Cindy as an excellent guide.

    Best Wishes.

    Richard (Buz) and Bev Nason

  • Tour Name:4-day Harbin Ice & Snow Festival tour
    Trip Time:2016-01-03 - 2016-01-06
    Clients' Information:Richard (Buz) and Bev Nason
    Country:United States
  • Hi Holly,

    We are back in California after a wonderful trip to Harbin. Anna made our visit enjoyable. She is very sweet and took us to all the places on our itinerary. Two things I would like to mention are:

    1. The hotel was not very comfortable. We would have preferred a better accommodation for the price we paid.

    2. The guide should have stayed with us the entire time until dinner on two days. We had a lot of difficulty communicating with people especially in the restaurants. Also, dinner should have been included in the price.


  • Tour Name:3 day Harbin Ice Festival Tour
    Trip Time:2016-01-04 - 2016-01-06
    Clients' Information:Jay
    Country:United States
  • Dear Jennifer, I hope your daughter has recovered. I am now back in Mauritius. Thank you very much for paying half of the transport costs. It was a great trip and you have been extremely helpful. If I have anyone who wishes to visit Harbin, I will surely send them to you. Have a great 2015 and may you receive health, wealth, peace & prosperity.

    kind regards,


  • Tour Name:5-day Exciting Harbin Ice Snow Tour
    Trip Time:2015-01-05 - 2015-01-09
    Clients' Information:Maggie Kwong Chian