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Dress & Packing for Harbin Tours

What you wear and what to bring is very important for visitors to have a happy Harbin Ice Lantern Festival travel tour.   

Clothing & Dresses to Keep Warm
Ice city Harbin has bitterly cold winter with average temperature of 20-30 degree below zero. All the houses in Harbin are equiped with heater system. Please just follow some tips to keep yourself from freezing outdoor.  

What to wear
1) Upper dressing = Cold-proof underclothes + woolen sweater + down coat or ski wear;
2) Under dressing = woolen underpants + ski pants;  
3) Waterproof cotton high boots or comfortable shoes and socks for foot can be bought in Harbin less than $20;  
4) Wind-proof jacket had better be prepared;
5) Traditional Chinese Northeastern-style fur hat with ear flaps;
6) Quality well-insulated gloves fit your hands well and cover the wrists;
7) A shawl or scarf around your neck is good for wind-proof;   
8) Two woolen knee pads layers can help you to tie up something;
9) Mask for winter proof;   
10) Sunglasses against snow blindness;  

Make sure your sweater, coat and pants are made from fur, wool, quality cotton or other insulating materials and thick enough to keep warm but not so heavy for packing.

What to bring
1) Passport, visa, birth certificate, ID card;
2) Belt, pants, socks, underwear and more dresses prepare for changes;   
3) Secure purse, money belt, wallet for money use;  
4) Pouch for flights, entrance tickets, insurance, and more travel documents;

5) Cell phone, charger, batteries;  
6) Camera, manual, charger, extra chip, film;
7) Flashlights;
8) Aspirin, pain relievers, patulin and more for medical health;
9) Thermos & hot water container;
10) Knapsack, bags or luggage case for packing;

This packing checklist is only for reference. Check your items if are in accordance with customs rules and regulations of contry and China. More item may be changed because of rules, current city weather forecast and so on.