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Harbin Nightlife & Fun

In spite of the cold weather in Harbin, the locals enjoy a rich and colorful nightlife. Harbin’s young generation spend their evening on releasing in club, while older people might like to dance for exercise in the square or in the park. Strolling along the exotic Central Street, you will fascinated by the night view of this ice city. Watching ice lantern exhibition at night is more recommended.

Bars and Nightclubs
The local life is more or less influenced by its long history of involvement with other several cultures. Therefore, there are a number of bars in the styles of different countries here.

Red Lion Bar in Wan Da Holiday Inn (British style, Opening hours: 15:00 -02:00 the next day)
Address: No.90, Jingwei Jie, Daoli District
Bus routes: 102, 105, 106, 21, 14 and 75 can reach Jingwei Jie.

Blue's Club  
Address: 100 Diduan Jie  
¥ 20 or up for beers  ¥ 35 for cocktails

The Red Lion Pub  
Address: 90 Jingwei Jie  
¥35 for spirits and cocktails  ¥50 for imported beers

Ice Bar  
Address: Zhongyang Dajie  
¥ 30 for beers  ¥30 for vodka shots

Coffee and Tea
You may prefer to linger for a quiet chat in a tea house or one of the many cafes; either sipping a hot drink or maybe playing cards with friends; an excellent way to relax and unwind after a day's sightseeing.

Bifengtang Tea House
Address: No.154, Shang Zhi Dajie, Daoli District.
Bus routes: 102, 103, 112, 64, 83, 13, and to get to Jingwei Sandao Jie.

Jazz Island Coffee
Address: No.3, Tianshun Jie, Development Zone
Bus route: No 74 to get to Hong Xiang Lu.

Additionally, just as in the rest of Chinese cities, the young locals in that city also like the popular KTV (Karaoke). In Harbin, most of the young people choose to sing songs with friends. Consequently, it is a good place for you to spend your spare night time as it will enable you to get to know some of the local people, one of the most rewarding aspects of traveling abroad. For those who like Karaoke, Harbin's more popular KTVs can be found in the Nangang District.

Ba Ba Duo Si KTV (Hours: 13:00 - 05:00 the next day)
Address: No.15, Hexing San Dao Jie, Nangang District
Bus routes: 57 and 87 to get to Hexing San Dao Jie.

Shuanghe Bubugao KTV (Hours: 21:00 - 06:00 the next day)
Address: No.238, Guo Ge Li Dajie, Nangang District
Bus routes: 18, 87, 92, 109, 8 and 7 to get to the Children's Park.