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Top China Harbin travel attractions, tourist resorts, vacation spots, sightseeing parks for Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, Ice Lantern & Sculpture, Siberian Tigers, Yabuli Ski Resort and more...
  • Dragon Tower

    Dragon Tower

    The Tower of Dragon in Harbin multiply functions as TV and broadcast transmissions, sightseeing, catering, entertainment, popular science, wireless communications, and environmental and meteorological monitoring as well.
  • Saint Sophia Cathedral Church

    Saint Sophia Cathedral Church

    Harbin St Sophia Cathedral church, with Byzantine style and meaning of 'God's wisdom' for name, look so beautiful as if it had been made by God's hands. The church's original shape and Latin cross footprint was preserved during reconstruction.
  • Heilongjiang Provincial Museum

    Heilongjiang Provincial Museum

    The museum sits at No. 50 Red Army Street, Nangang District Harbin in Baroque style and houses more than 100,000 items of Heilongjiang historical and cultural relics, natural specimens and Deng Sanmu artworks and more.
  • Harbin Jihua Ski Resort

    Harbin Jihua Ski Resort

    Jihua Changshou Mountain Ski Resort, shortly as Jihua Ski Resort, is located in Binxi National Forest Park, about 46 kilometers (1 hours's drive) from Harbin downtown. Built in a natural basin surrounded by mountains, it is a large national ski resort closest to Harbin city seat.
  • Longzhu Erlongshan Ski Resort

    Longzhu Erlongshan Ski Resort

    Longzhu Erlongshan Ski Resort sit about 60 km from Harbin downtown and has 8 trails for 4,000 skiers different level at the same time. Covering an area of 780,000 square meters, the ski resort is firstly to build standard ski ground for children in China. The lift from the resort base to the top...
  • Pingshan Shenlu Ski Resort

    Pingshan Shenlu Ski Resort

    Pingshan Shenlu Ski Resort, located in Pingshan Mountain Town, Acheng District, about 70 km from Harbin city seat, is a national sss-level ski resort. The resort has 7 trails for diferent skiers and offers excellent hotels, restaurants, and interesting ice and snow programmes.
  • Fanqi Shangjing International Ski Resort

    Fanqi Shangjing International Ski Resort

    Surrounded by thick forest, Fanqi Shangjing International Ski Resort has facilities of 1,000 snow boards, 3 trails of total 5,000 meters in length. The resort make skiing return to what it really true is, no longer a hard hunt for speed from the upper to lower side in the cold world, but a...
  • Huatian Wujimi Ski Resort

    Huatian Wujimi Ski Resort

    Located 115 km away from Harbin, Huatian Wujimi Ski Resort has been the host of three previous National Skiing Competitions by far. The resort has brought up over 700 national champion players in skiing programe. Now there are 3 sking trails, 3 towlines and 1 aerial tramway, together with various...