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Harbin Attractions & Sights

Top China Harbin travel attractions, tourist resorts, vacation spots, sightseeing parks for Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, Ice Lantern & Sculpture, Siberian Tigers, Yabuli Ski Resort and more...
  • Siberian Tiger Park

    Siberian Tiger Park

    Harbin Tiger park where visitors can buy raw meat and/or live animals to feed the tigers, take photos with tigers, roam closely within tiger groups with protected cage cars or jeeps to get an exciting adventure among fierce animals..
  • Harbin Ice Lantern Show

    Harbin Ice Lantern Show

    Chinese Harbin Ice Lanterns & Sculptures Show, also called Harbin Ice Lantern Art Fair, Harbin Ice Lantern Artistic Show or Harbin Ice Lantern Garden Party, is the highlight activity of the Harbin International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival.
  • Yabuli Ski Resort

    Yabuli Ski Resort

    Harbin Yabuli Windmill Mountain Resort functions as a top winter relax center for tourist with a list of resort hotels, villas, skiing training schools, ski equipment rental shops, souvenir stores and snack bars.
  • Sun Island Park

    Sun Island Park

    Every year, the Sun Island Resort Park in Harbin becomes a paradise for ice and snow festival tour. The Harbin International Snow Sculpture Art Expo held here exhibits about 2 months in winter.
  • Unit 731 Museum

    Unit 731 Museum

    Harbin ruins of Japanese Army Unit 731 Germ Warfare Experimental Crime Evidence Base, originally a cluster of ten villages known as Pingfang, now become museum to exhibit and study of modern history during the World War II.
  • Harbin Jewish New Synagogue

    Harbin Jewish New Synagogue

    Harbin once had sheltered the largest Jewish population in the Far East from the World War I to World War II. The typical synagogue was the largest important public political, economicm, cultural and educational center for Jewish people even before 1950s.
  • Stalin Park

    Stalin Park

    In Harbin winter, Stalin Park is designated as one of the venues of the yearly Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival where the tourists enjoy various ice and snow delights for inspirational China winter tour.
  • Central Pedestrian Street

    Central Pedestrian Street

    Harbin Zhongyang Street or Central Street, also known as Kitaiskaya Street, one of the main business streets or a perfect one kilometer long corridor lined with European architectural art building, tourist stores, restaurants, historic sites and more.