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Top China Harbin travel attractions, tourist resorts, vacation spots, sightseeing parks for Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, Ice Lantern & Sculpture, Siberian Tigers, Yabuli Ski Resort and more...
  • Harbin Mingdu Ski Field

    Harbin Mingdu Ski Field

    Located in Haping Lu, Dongli District, Harbin Mingdu Ski Field is a garden ski resort. Only 20 minute-drive from Harbin downtown area, the ski field has 4 ski trails catering to differnt level skiers, even the kids. There are thousands of imported brand luxury equipments. Moreover, skiing...
  • Yuquan International Hunting Ground Ski Resort

    Yuquan International Hunting Ground Ski Resort

    Covering an area of 3,000 hectares, Yuquan International Hunting Ground Ski Resort sits 55 km to the southeast of Harbin. There are 6 sking trails in the resort, among them the longest one reaches 1,670 meters. The resort has many entertainment like hunting, deer watching garden, driving horse,...
  • Harbin Lindian Hot Spring

    Harbin Lindian Hot Spring

    Located in Daqing, Lindian Hot Spring is 235 kilometers or 3 hours bus away from Harbin city. Lindian Hot Spring was orginally built in 1989 as an military officer sanitarium for Chinese retired cadre of Heilongjiang province. Now the sanitarium has been opened as AA holiday resorts for tourists.
  • Songhuajiang River

    Songhuajiang River

    The Songhua River or Songga-liwula in Manchurian (means Heavenly Lake), is the largest tributary of the Heilong River in Heilongjiang province, Northeast China, flowing about 1,434 kilometers from Changbai Mountains through Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces.
  • The Volga Manor

    The Volga Manor

    The name Volga maybe always remind people of the Europe's longest river flowing through central Russia and Russian Vodka Wine. The Volga Manor offers a glimpse of charming Russian pastoral scene in North China Harbin.
  • Gogol Russian Street

    Gogol Russian Street

    Gogol Street is a good place to introduce Russian flavor and Sino-Russia culture fuse in history in China. The street, built in 1901, has a hisotry of more than one hundred years.
  • Laodaowuai Baroque District

    Laodaowuai Baroque District

    Harbin Laodaowuai District has the old streets, old famous shops, aged houses, aged taste. There exists the largest area of Baroque buildings in China.
  • Harbin Songhua River Winter Swimming

    Harbin Songhua River Winter Swimming

    Every year, Harbin winter swimming performance, show and game on the Songhua River add bustling with noise and excitement to Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.