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Dazzling Lanterns Light Up Festive Harbin

Giant amusement park Sunac Land started operating its new Lantern World-themed zone in Harbin New Zone on Nov 23 to great fanfare, according to local officials.

Harbin Sunac Land, an amusement park in the Songbei district in the city of Harbin, kicked off its summer entertainment program for the public on May 1 -- and now it’s moving into full winter mode.

Lantern World aims to help promote the winter tourism of Harbin and the operating period of the lantern world is as long as the winter tourism season of the city.

Park officials said an installation of over 100 dazzling groups of lanterns will illuminate Harbin for around 100 awesome nights during the lantern park’s operating period.

They said the lantern park obtained an investment of around 40 million yuan and will receive over 1 million tourists.

At the same time, the first Harbin New Zone Lantern Festival, the largest of its kind in Heilongjiang province, is being held, with the hope of creating a new tourism landmark of Harbin to boost its winter tourism market.