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Global Recruitment: You are Welcome to Join Harbin Symphony Orchestra

Known as Far East’s No 1 symphony orchestra in the 1920s, Harbin Symphony Orchestra, has enjoyed a flourishing career for 100 years. It originated from the Harbin (Zhong) Dongqing railway administration symphony orchestra, which was then mainly composed of Russian expatriates.

Affiliated to the Harbin Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication, Harbin Symphony Orchestra is well supported by the municipal government. With a professional concert hall of international standard, Harbin Symphony Orchestra adopts an international management mode.

To meet our development need, we are now openly recruiting professional artistic talents from home and abroad.

Job Vacancies

♫. Strings: Violin, viola, cello, double bass;
♪. Woodwind: Flute (also piccolo), oboe (also British tube), clarinet (also bass clarinet), bassoon (also bass bassoon);
♫. Brass: Horn, trumpet, trombone (also bass trombone), tuba;

♪ Percussion: percussion major;
♫ Piano, harp, organ;
♪ Concert master, chief and deputy chief of various voice parts;

Recruitment principles: Voluntary enrolment, open examination, merit-based selection

Recruitment scope and basic conditions for candidates:
◎ For domestic and foreign candidates, nationality, geography, gender are unlimited.
◎ Recruitment object: Performer.
◎ Basic conditions:
1. Good morality, professional spirit, interest in the Symphony Enterprise, required professional skills and job ability;
2. Under 45 years of age;
3. Good health, no criminal record;
4. For the performer positions, a university degree or above is a must;
5. Fresh graduates must be full-time trained students from national colleges and universities;
6. International students must be foreign graduates from formal institutions;
7. Certain degree of English communication skills, ability to adapt to daily rehearsal and professional communication in English;
8. For performers, rich band performing experience and skilled performing techniques;
9. Working experience in professional orchestras at home and abroad a preference;
10. Full-time work only, part-time not acceptable.

Recruitment procedures
◎ Registration:
Login Harbin Concert Hall Harbin Symphony Orchestra website (www.yyt0451. com) home, find “Harbin Symphony Orchestra 2017 public recruitment announcement”, check relevant contents, download and complete the “Harbin Concert Hall (Harbin Symphony Orchestra) Recruitment Examination Form” and also submit:
◎ Performance video data (not clipped)
◎(for all candidates)personal resumes, as well as electronic version of performing tracks (mark Chinese name, author, duration), scanned version of valid identity documents, academic qualifications, degree certificates, foreign language grade certificates, corresponding professional qualification certificates and awards certificates.
◎ All the above materials should be emailed to: hrbyytzp@163.com with the email entitled “name-position-education”. Registration date: May 26, 2017 to June 30, 2017. For consultants, please call the Personnel Department: 0451-58560800, 0451-58560801.
◎ Initial examination: For performers, performance video data will be reviewed. If failed, the relevant submitted materials will not be returned.

◎Re-examination: The second-round exam details, depending on the results of the initial examination, will be emailed to participants. Second-round examination participants should bring both the original copy and a photocopy of identity card (or passport), diploma, degree certificate (fresh graduates need to provide school record), awards certificates as well as two copies of bareheaded photos (two inches).

Re-examination takes the form of an on-site examination. Participants should pay their own transportation and accommodation fees.

◎ For consultation on examination matters, please call the Personnel Department: 0451-58560800, 0451-58560801, 0451-84691313.

Payment and benefits
◎ Once employed, all candidates regardless of nationality enjoy a pre-tax salary of 6000-20000 RMB. Chinese nationals are entitled to “five social insurance and one housing fund”; Hong Kong, Macao and foreign employees are entitled to commercial insurance.

Examination content: See Harbin Concert Hall Harbin Symphony Orchestra website

If the recruitment information is updated, please take the website version as the standard.